My name is Hans-Peter Dietz, co-founder and lead developer at J&H. In 2013 I finished my master's degree in Media Informatics at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, focussing on computer networks, security as well as the development of web and mobile applications. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of Media Informatics I not only gained profound knowledge of the technical aspects of software development, but was able to amplify my noesis with user centric design and human computer interaction. Furthermore, my secondary subject, Media Business Studies, imparted valuable insights into economics, finances and planning onto me.

During my studies I gathered practical experience as a software developer at the EFDIS AG, Freising and participated actively in teaching at my university. Weekly, lecure accompanying tutorials held by me include:

Apart from my work at J&H I take care of the crowdsourcing portal Ask The Crowd, which I build for my master's thesis and play the bass guitar.