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A retro-design arcade game.

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Did you use to spend hours playing Qix and every spare minute playing Snake? Then Qake will surely hit the spot!
Qake is a retro-design game, inspired by arcade and cell phone classics. It offers entertaining diversion and won't cease to enthrall due to its dynamic level design.

The goal of every level is to secure a certain percentage of the court area. Controlling the player via swipe gestures, you have to steer your token around the court in order to section off partitions, until you reach the level goal.
On this mission you will face diverse Balls and Bombs which must hit neither you, nor the unsecured path. There are balls and bombs with special features making your life even harder. Examples include variable speed or size as well as wobbly balls. You can however eliminate balls by enclosing them within your path earning yourself bonus points as well as additional lives.

Qake comes with a randomized level-generator: The configuration of balls and bombs you face in each level is dynamically composed at runtime - making sure that every game is a unique gaming experience!
Collect powerful power ups to move faster, become invulnerable and gain additional life! Discover bonus-levels, earn achievements and challenge other players to beat your score!



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